bacisan granules

Bacisan Granules

Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate 10%

BACISAN is an antibacterial feed additives that helps in improving the rate of weight gain and increasing feed efficiency. BACISAN preserves the integrity of the gut wall by ensuring the absorption of nutrients from feed. It helps to prevent and control necrotic enteritis

bacisan granules
  • Enhance digestion, improve growth rate and Feed Conversion ratio.
  • Highly effective against C. perfringens, the cause of necrotic enteritis.
  • Helps to improve villi health and egg production.
  • Helps to increase population of normal healthy gut flora.

Each kg contains:

Bacitracin Methylene
Disalicylate equivalent to
100 gm

Bacitracin inhibits bacterial cell wall synthesis.It also affects protein synthesis and membrane functions of pathogens, thus producing bactericidal action.

300 gm - 500 gm/ton of feed or as advised by Veterinarian/ Poultry Consultant