celmos-san powder (water soluble)

Celmos-san Powder (water Soluble)

A Perfect Prebiotics & Probiotics Immunity Booster Supplement

CELMOS-SAN is a prebiotic and probiotic with vitamins & mineral mixture supplement that is immunity booster. It works on the gut thus improves the absorption of nutrients and digestion. It is also a perfect immunity modulator which works effectively to boost immunity. It helps to improve proper utilization of nutrients, egg quality and reduce risk of diarrhoea & dysentery.

celmos-san powder (water soluble)
  • Helps to boost immune system.
  • Proper utilization of nutrients and improve FCR.
  • Improves growth, performance and production.
  • Maintains gut health and performance.
  • Maintains quality of egg and egg production.
  • Helps in reducing risk of diarrhoea and dysentry

Yeast ( dried and hydrolysed )
Glucans from yeast
Prebiotics and Probiotics
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B2
Amino Acids blended
Mannan Oligosaccharides

Chicks :100gm per 1000 of chicks in drinking water
Broilers and layers : 400 gm per 1000 of birds in drinking water
or as per direction of Veterinarian/Consultant.

5 Kg & 25 Kg