enzymsol liquid

Enzymsol Liquid

Cocktail Enzyme formulation for Poultry

ENZYMSOL is a cocktail enzyme preparation which is reduce risk of gut viscosity and loose drooping. It helps to improve digestion, production and nutrient availability. It helps to improve apparent metabolizable energy value of the diet, increases feed intake and weight gain. It also supports healthy microbiome balance. It helps to improve FCR, body weight gain and egg production.

enzymsol liquid
  • Better FCR, growth and optimum feed consumption.
  • Provides energy, enhance digestion and utilization of nutrients.
  • Enhances digestion of protein and support gut health.
  • Helps to improve immunity and performance.
  • Reduce risk of wet droppings.

Each 1 Ltr contains:

Cellulase 10000000 I.U.
Protease 400000 I.U.
Lipase 6500 I.U.
Vitamin B12 2000 I.U.
Vitamin C 3000 I.U.
Pectinase 30000 I.U.
Xylanase 1500000 I.U.
Amylase 250000 I.U.
Beta-Glucosidase 10000 I.U.
Alpha Glucosidase 10000 I.U.
Arabinase 7000 I.U.
Aqueous base q.s.


Layers: 2ml /3 Itr of drinking water
Breeders: 2ml /3 Itr of drinking water
Broilers: 21.5 ml/3 Itr of drinking water
or as directed by Veterinary Consultant.

5 ltr & 25 ltr