sanmulin  powder & granules

Sanmulin Powder & Granules

Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate 10% Control of Respiratory & Enteric Related Issues

SANMULIN is an antibiotic product with bacterial effect which is primarily use for the prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases caused by mycoplasma spp. It prevents from mycoplasmal diseases such as enzootic pneumonia in poultry. It also optimize egg production and reduce oxidative stress.

sanmulin  powder & granules
  • Wide spectrum of activity particularly active against mycoplasma gallisepticum & Mycoplasma synoviae.
  • Treat respiratory tract infection.
  • Enhance optimum growth and production.
  • Improve feed efficiency and performance.
  • Optimize egg production and protect from bacterial infection.
Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate : 10 gm
Ocimum sanctum  
Tinospora cardifolia  
Eucalyptus globulus  
Excipients up to 100 gm


Layers, Broilers and Breeders: 200 gm/ton of feed and administer on a regular basis to layers, broilers and breeders.
500 gm to 1 kg per ton of feed for 7 days once in a month.
or as recommended by the Veterinarian.

Post Treatment:

* Meat: 5 days after last administration of preparation.
Post Prevention:
* Meat :
3 days after the last administration of preparation.

1 kg, 5 kg & 25 kg